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Synapse Films returns with their latest compilation of exploitation trailers.  All of the trailers come from the folks at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin Texas, who know a thing or two about exploitation cinema.  As with most compilations in this series, it has it’s share of faults (too many dumb trailers in the middle section), but it also happens to be a lot of fun.  Out of the ever growing 42nd Street line, I think I have to say this one may be my favorite.


The opening sets the tone perfectly for what’s to come.  It’s a MPAA promo designed to explain the Ratings system and it’s hosted by none other than Charlton Heston!  For some reason though, “Chuck” is delivering his lines from a tennis court.  This only adds to the bizarreness.


First up is a chunk of Kung Fu previews.  The highlights include:  A Life of Ninja, The Bodyguard (“Viva Chiba!”), and Mad Monkey Kung Fu.  The trailer that really needs to be seen is the one for Lucky Seven.  It looks like The Little Rascals Take on the Mob.  What’s so great about this trailer is that nearly all the kids look like they do their own stunts and take what looks to be a LOT of abuse.


After a few lame trailers we get into the 70’s sex genre with the likes of Danish Love Acts, Group Marriage, and Caged Virgins (AKA:  Requiem for a Vampire).  The highlight of these previews is Chatterbox (starring Candace Rialson from Hollywood Boulevard).  It’s all about a talking and SINGING pussy!  Man, I have to see that flick!


Next up is a handful of trailers for Sci-Fi movies like Message from Space (which looks nuts), Mind Warp (AKA:  Galaxy of Terror; a movie that pretty much rocks), and awesome looking Megaforce.  (“The good guys always win… even in the 80’s!”)  After a few ho-hum action trailers, we get to Stacey; a movie directed by Andy Sidaris that I’ve always wanted to see.  Boy do I ever want to see it now!  Some so-so trailers follow until we see a trio of black themed previews (Putney Swope, Norman… Is That You?, and Redneck County) that all look pretty great for wildly different reasons. 


Then comes a run of trailers that is definitely the crown jewels of the collection.  These previews are all for family films of the 60’s and 70’s.  If your sanity is intact after you see The Magic Christmas Tree and Pinocchio’s Birthday Party, you’re a strong individual.  However, I guarantee the trailer for The Secret of Magic Island will be enough to make your head explode.  It’s all about puppies and ducks fighting a “villainous space age monkey”.  What’s even crazier is that the film’s stars are all played by real animals!  Unbelievable!


I still say my favorite trailer is the one for Sorceress.  It has everything you could possibly want in a movie.  Topless Kung Fu fighting twins, magic, monkey men, zombies, giant space griffins, witches, barbarians, imps, and even more.  Vol. 5 also features vintage ads for air-conditioned theaters, BBQ, coming attractions, shrimp rolls, and hot dogs too so you aren’t constantly bombarded with nothing but trailers.  Hopefully Synapse will put the Alamo in charge of their next release!

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