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While this film (which opens up with the recommendation, “This film should be played LOUD!”) has one of my favorite titles of all time, it’s less an exploitation flick and more of an arty New York underground movie with moments of gore. Abel (Bad Lieutenant) Ferrara directs and stars as a starving artist who degenerates into a psycho who murders people with an electric drill. Ferrara’s style evokes more of a Taxi Driver vibe than say The Toolbox Murders. As an actor, Ferrara is pretty good during the scenes of his decent into madness (“You know how to bitch and to shit, but you don’t know nothing about pain!”). The underground techniques may grate on your nerves if you’re expecting pure exploitation fare, but if you give it a chance, or a second viewing it’ll grow on you. The punk music by Tony Coca-Cola and the Roosters is also excellent. Screenwriter Nicholas St. John went on to write many of Ferrara’s films including his next and best Ms. 45.
Tags: d, horror
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