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ONIBABA (1965) ***

An old woman and her daughter in-law make a living by killing wayward samurai, tossing the bodies down a big hole, and selling off their belongings.  Another guy starts helping them with their little enterprise and pretty soon he’s getting into the daughter in-law’s pants.  The old woman gets jealous in a hurry mostly because it’s been ages since she’s had the Sausage Special and she promptly throws herself at him.  The guy says no way Jose and keeps poking the other broad instead.  One day while the two lovebirds are frolicking in the fields, the old hag kills a samurai wearing a white demon-faced mask.  She then puts on the mask to frighten her daughter in-law into chastity.  The shit hits the fan when she realizes… THE MASK WON’T COME OFF!


The thing that surprised me about Onibaba was the copious amount of nudity.  Even though the flick is a black and white Japanese movie from the mid 60’s, it featured more bare female breasts than most 80’s sex comedies.  Sure, it was mostly the old woman who showed off her goodies but still; titties are titties.  (I wouldn’t go so far as to call her a GILF or anything but those things were perky enough for my tastes.)  Not to be outdone, the daughter in-law even gives us a brief glimpse of her bush too. 


Nekkid babes aside, I also have to commend the film for the scenes where the lethal ladies murder the men.  They had a certain kick to them and were fairly brutal in tone.  I also greatly enjoyed the moody drum-driven musical score.


For the most of it’s running time though, Onibaba is pretty dull.  Things liven up considerably once the mask comes into play but unfortunately that isn’t until around the 2/3 mark.  BUT… I will say that the ending is a real grabber and more than makes up for the pokey paced first and second acts.  I’ll tell you one thing; you won’t find me donning freaky looking samurai masks any time soon, that’s for damn sure!


AKA:  Devil Woman.  AKA:  The Demon.  AKA:  The Hole.  AKA:  The Ogress.  AKA:  The Witch.

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