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Bar none the best killer running loose in a drive in movie ever. This ahead of it’s time slasher is a great slice of 70’s junk and deserves a look.

There’s a madman amok in a secluded drive in who’s hacking off the heads of necking couples with a sword. Two clueless detectives are brought in to investigate. The prime suspect is the dim witted janitor named Germy (Douglas Gudbye) but the police zero in on a pervert who watches fornicating couples instead. When they confront him at his home (where several centerfolds are prominently displayed) he breaks down sobbing, “All I wanted to do was beat my meat!” Eventually the cops go undercover at the drive in as a couple (one dresses in drag) to nail the killer. The ending features a great gimmick in which the killer runs loose in the drive in. In the end the film stops and we hear the manager telling us through the speakers, “Ladies and Gentlemen, do not panic there is a murderer loose in the theater!”

Who cares that the movie is filled with lousy red herrings, terrible music and amateurish acting? Its short (72 minutes), and has got enough gore and laughs (both intentional and not so intentional) to make for an amusing night of fun. Perennial B Movie Actor George “Buck” Flower (usually seen playing a drunk) co-wrote this wonder and has a small role as an obvious red herring. The standout here though is Douglas Gudbye as Germy. With his elfin cap and green rain slicker, tap dancing and reminiscing about his old carnival days, Germy ranks among the greatest slow witted caretakers in movie history. He never made another film but thanks to Drive In Massacre, his wonderful visage will forever be emblazoned in celluloid.
Tags: d, exploitation, horror
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