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This really should’ve been called I Was a Teenage Vampire. Unfortunately, the folks at AIP chickened out. It’s the third in the series, and while it isn’t quite in the same league as I Was a Teenage Werewolf or I Was a Teenage Frankenstein; it still has it’s moments.

The film is essentially a remake of I Was a Teenage Werewolf. Instead of Michael Landon getting hypnotized by a deranged doctor into becoming a werewolf, we get a mousy chick (Sandra Harrison) getting hypnotized by a deranged doctor (Louise Lewis) into becoming a vampire. Other than that, it’s the same damn thing. There’s even a funny rock song (called “Puppy Love”) in there for no good reason whatsoever.

The first act is great. I particularly liked the scenes with the bitchy sorority girls hazing our heroine and saying shit like, “Cool it, Old Horse Face is on a warpath!” The problem is that it takes her forever to turn into the vampire. Sure, the goofy ass make-up is hilarious, but
Harrison’s transformation doesn’t occur until the movie is more than halfway over.

Also, the evil doctor’s plan doesn’t make a lick of damn sense. I mean she is trying to unleash a power within her that’s “greater than the atom bomb”. I had no idea that vampires with teased hair, oversized Halloween fangs, and extremely bushy eyebrows were more powerful than an A-Bomb.

Still, Blood of Dracula is plenty of fun. It’s got a silly looking monster, cheesy transformation scenes, and dumb rock songs. Plus, the running time is barely over an hour long. What more can you ask for in a 50’s horror flick?

AKA: Blood is My Heritage. AKA: Blood of the Demon.

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