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I was a big fan of the TV show growing up and if done right, this big screen adaptation could have been a lot of fun. Unfortunately the casting stinks and no one really acts like their character did on the show. First of all, Johnny Knoxville and Seann William Scott are OK as Bo and Luke Duke, but c’mon they act more like dumb rednecks than good ol’ boys! (Yes, there is a difference.) Jessica Simpson is OK as Daisy Duke, but c’mon she should have at least dyed her hair brown! Burt Reynolds is OK as Boss Hog, but c’mon he should have been shorter! (Danny DeVito would have been perfect.) M.C. Gainey is OK as Roscoe P. Coltrane, but c’mon he should have at least stuttered! (And been skinny!) Willie Nelson is OK as Uncle Jessie but c’mon he never was a stoner! The characters that come off best are Cooter (David Koechner) and Enos (Evil Alien Conquerors’ Michael Weston) because they remain true to the characters from the old show. The car chases and stunts are good, but that’s to be expected. Director Jay (Super Troopers) Chandrasekar never lets things get boring, but in the end, it’s about as much fun as a Coy and Vance episode. Chandrasekar also cameos along with a few of his Broken Lizard cohorts.
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