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THE H-MAN (1959) **

Japanese gangsters start disappearing left and right, leaving only their clothes behind.  A bimbo nightclub singer witnesses one of the thugs dissolving but of course, the cops don’t believe her.  Eventually we learn that a giant slime monster (a product of the H-Bomb) is on the loose and going around melting folks.  Scientists scramble to find a way to stop the creature and finally come up with the bright idea of flamethrowering the shit out of it.


The H-Man is a goofy monster.  It looks like a cross between The Blob and a mass of KY Jelly.  Sometimes it takes a mannish shape but mostly it just slops itself around.  Since it’s just a big pile of goo, it doesn’t have a lot of personality.  However, the dissolving people effects are kinda cool (they resemble blow-up dolls covered in liquid Dial soap) and the endless scenes of scientists melting frogs in a lab are pretty funny.


You can see where all of this may have been fun but The H-Man doesn’t have quite what it takes to be completely successful.  The big problem is that director Inoshiro (Godzilla) Honda’s pacing is so damn constipated.  I mean it takes a freaking half an hour for the monster to even show up.  Before that you have to sit through a lot of nonsense involving gangsters and detectives as well as a bunch of lame nightclub acts and dance routines.  As with most Japanese monster mashes; the ridiculous dubbing is good for a laugh or two.


AKA:  Beauty and the Liquidman.



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Jul. 7th, 2011 05:26 pm (UTC)
h man
This film has much more going for it than this review indicates.A glimpse into 50s Tokyo rarely seen.I would call it a 'camp classic' for sure.
On TCM HD it looked really sharp but a little scratched.No child actors to really slow things down.Great nightclub scenes with exotic dancers and a hot jazz band.hey ,people are dissolving!
What would you do?
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