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After having a small role alongside Sylvia Kristel in the second Emmanuelle sequel, Emmanuelle: Joys of a Woman, Laura Gemser starred in several knockoffs as “Black Emmanuelle”. Later the second “m” was dropped to avoid a copyright suit along with the “Black” since Gemser was really Indonesian.

Of all the sequels this is the craziest and the best. It was directed by Italian sleaze wizard Joe D’Amato, and if you’ve seen his Erotic Nights of the Living Dead or Porno Holocaust, those are just the tips of the iceberg. This movie is so extreme that when David Cronenberg saw this movie he based Videodrome off of it.

Any movie that freaks out David Cronenberg is okay in my book.

This time Emanuelle is an investigative journalist whose lover is her biggest rival. In the beginning of the film, she is accosted and held at gunpoint by the sexually frustrated boyfriend of one of her models. She coolly diffuses the situation by giving him a blowjob! For her first of many “assignments”, she contacts her friend, a boxing manager who gets her into a wealthy businessman’s harem of women. (If you’re wondering why an over the hill black boxing manager would have the 411 on some wealthy white dudes’ harem, don’t worry about it. You’ll soon have bigger logic concerns to worry about later in the film.) All of the women are called by their zodiac sign and are there to serve their master’s every whim. One woman even goes so far as to please his horse named Pedro. In a scene that will actually scramble your brain, we get to see her jerk off the horse in graphic detail.

Mr. Ed never had it so good.

Emanuelle takes some quick snapshots with her James Bond-esque camera and then high tails it out of there as equestrian ejaculation is clearly not her cup of tea. She then jets off to Venice to meet a Duke (played by her real life husband Gabrielle Tinti) and has a rushed three way with him and his wife. She sticks around long enough for an orgy featuring a girl in a cake before retreating to a Caribbean resort that caters to pleasing their clientele (namely rich women) with well hung men. When she’s caught snooping around by the lesbian owner of the resort, she escapes by giving her an aphrodisiac laced cock shaped cookie and seducing her.

Next she goes to Washington D.C. (She FINALLY goes to America!) to get the goods on a senator with connections to the snuff film industry. He dopes her with LSD and takes her to some South American hellhole to watch a real snuff film being made. Then when her newspaper refuses to print the story, she resigns. Reunited with her lover, they go to a far away jungle where he sells her to a chieftain. In the morning, they find out there’s a movie crew filming the tribe and decide they don’t want to be in a movie and leave.

The End.

No seriously that’s how the movie finishes.

As many “What the fuck?” movies as D’Amato’s done, this one is far and away the wackiest. D’Amato’s porn background comes to the forefront with a couple of hardcore scenes during the orgy and resort sequences, but they seem all rather tame next to Pedro.

Gemser is good and looks great naked and would go on to many more Emanuelle flicks. Although her credentials as a serious journalist are rather dubious since we never see her writing her exposes, though she does spend a lot of time using that damn spy camera/necklace/bracelet.

The snuff film sequence (featuring women being impaled on giant dildos, a girl having her mouth ripped apart and a woman having her tits lopped off) are well done and feature some of the best gore found in 70’s Italian exploitation cinema.

Once you’ve seen Emanuelle in America, you’re sanity will forever be in jeopardy. You’ll never look at another horse the same way again. By far, the best hardcore unrelated sequel to a softcore film featuring blatant bestiality of all time.
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