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EMBRYO (1976) ** ½

Don’t miss your chance to see Rock Hudson at his most embarrassed. He plays a scientist who hits a dog with his car. He brings it back to his lab, and while he can’t save the dog, he saves it’s puppy by growing it’s fetus from outside of the womb. It becomes full grown in a week and is super intelligent so Rock figures he’s gotta try it on a human! He does and the beautiful Barbara (Never Say Never Again) Carrera is the result. After primping her, he takes her to a party where she schmoozes with Dr. Joyce Brothers and beats Roddy McDowall at chess. Rock takes her homes and bangs her and afterwards she starts to age rapidly. She needs the pituitary gland of a six month old fetus to reverse the aging process so she kidnaps Rock’s pregnant daughter-in-law. She tries to perform the operation but Rock stops her. In the sick ending the wrinkled old bitch tells Rock she’s pregnant…AND HE’S THE FATHER! EWW…

Seeing Rock’s grandson’s fetus being smashed to the ground is the bad taste highlight and seeing the super smart dog chow down on another mutt is pretty funny too. Carrera is hot, especially when naked, but seeing former heartthrob Hudson in such schlocky surroundings is the real reason to watch it, even though it’s little more than your basic immoral scientist trying to play God and goes too far flick. Of course, the pre-opening titles warn us: “It could happen tomorrow… or today”, but my guess is that stuff like this could only happen in the 70’s. Co-starring Diane Ladd (Laura Dern’s mom). Rock starred in Avalanche next.

AKA: Created to Kill.
Tags: e, sci-fi
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