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SLAP SHOT (1977) ****

Reggie Dunlop (Paul Newman) is the player/coach of the Charlestown Chiefs; a small-time hockey franchise that’s on the verge of folding.  To keep up his teammates’ morale, Reg encourages everyone to beat the shit out the opposing players.  That becomes really easy to do once the Chiefs acquire the Hanson Brothers, a trio of nearsighted Neanderthal knuckleheads.


If you’re a red-blooded American (or Canadian) male, you are morally obligated to automatically love this movie.  Even if you don’t like hockey, you’re guaranteed to dig it.  This movie has everything.  Laughs, fights, Paul Newman acting like a total pimp, and best of all, Melinda (the mom from A Christmas Story) Dillon’s big old flopping titties.  Of course what makes the movie are the Hanson brothers who skate around the ice beating the snot out of people left and right.  These guys are fucking nuts and they get tremendous laughs in every single scene they’re in.


Slap Shot is one of the best sports movies of all time.  Unlike most sports movies it never relies on clichés to tell the story and is confident enough to allow the characters to carry the film.  The characters at all times feel “real” thanks mostly to the abrasively vulgar (and downright hilarious) language.  My favorite line is when Newman says the team owner’s son will “Have a cock in his mouth quicker than you can say Jack Robinson!”



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