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END OF DAYS (1999) *** ½

Arnold Schwarzenegger has battled everything from Predators, to Terminators, to Batman to men from Mars, so it was only a matter of time before he locked horns (figuratively speaking) with the Devil.

He plays an ex-cop turned security guard named Jericho Cane who has all the markings of your basic Burned Out Cop. He’s got a seven o’clock shadow, greets the day with a suicide attempt and makes the ultimate hangover cure which involves putting beer, Pepto Bismol, Chinese food and PIZZA into a blender before hitting the puree button and wha-la! Breakfast! “They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”

He’s got to stop the Devil, who has come to Earth and taken the form of Gabriel Byrne from getting it on with Robin (The Craft) Tunney which will bring about the end of the world on the eve of the millennium. (Why’s the devil always jumping into the bodies of stuffy British guys?)

Yep it’s another one of those Y2K paranoia flicks, but it’s an Arnold flick, so if you have the slightest bit of testosterone in you, you have to watch.

Kevin Pollack co-stars as Arnold’s partner who accepts Satan and turns against Arnold in the end. “You’d be amazed what you’d agree to when you’re on fire.”

Being the Devil, Byrne gets the best scenes like having a body mingling ménage a trios with a mother daughter team or putting his fist through Udo Kier’s face or when he pisses gasoline or when he bumps into a kid wearing a Satan Rules shirt. “Nice shirt!”

While it’s a notch or two below the usual Arnold fare, it’s a lot better than you’d think. It’s the movie that proves that you can’t kill the devil with a bazooka. Guns N’ Roses sings the nauseatingly awful theme song “Oh My God.”
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