The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

ENTROPY (1999) *** ½

Robert DeNiro produced this fascinating and highly personal fictionalized account of director Phil Joanu's life. Stephen (Blade) Dorff plays Jake, a director who falls in love with a French model while making his first film. Things slowly go out of control when she leaves for Paris and his movies starts falling apart. He eventually spirals deep into alcoholism and marries an English singer (Kelly MacDonald from Trainspotting) within 24 hours of meeting her. U2 appear as themselves and act as sort of a spiritual guide to help Dorff sort his life out. (Joanu had directed the band's Rattle and Hum). The film is told in flashback with a unique narrative that's cool and gives a lot of insight into the pressures of filmmaking. U2 also perform "Mysterious Ways". Co-starring Kathryn (Stir of Echoes) Erbe, Frank (Goodfellas) Vincent, and Lauren (Dumb and Dumber) Holly.
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