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I first saw Cheerleaders’ Wild Weekend during my formative years on USA’s Up All Night and thought it was pretty good.  Of course, the version I saw had absolutely no nudity in it.  Watching the flick tonight for the first time completely uncensored was a revelation.  This movie rocks.


Cheerleaders’ Wild Weekend is all about a busload of hot ass teenage cheerleaders that get kidnapped by a trio of ex-football players.  The kidnappers take the gals to a secluded cabin in the woods where you can cut the sexual tension with a knife.  While the main kidnapper (Jason Williams from Flesh Gordon) is hanging out in phone booths dealing with the cops, the cheerleaders try to figure a way to escape.


Boy, does this movie have everything:  Naked women distracting motorists so they crash through fruit carts, cheerleaders getting into catfights, naked beauty pageants, lesbian bathing, chainsaws, and lots and lots of nudity.  Seriously, when these girls aren’t showing off their tits (which is something they do a lot); they’re wearing skintight T-shirts so that their nipples protrude out.  Man, I wish I had the job of icing up the girls’ nipples in between takes.  That would’ve been awesome.


Look, Cheerleaders’ Wild Weekend is what it is.  It’s a drive-in cheerleader movie.  It delivers on the T & A; which is why we’re watching the damn thing.  The filmmakers could’ve been content to just let it go at that but they actually managed to make a well-made movie here.  The scripting is tight and the kidnappers’ plan is actually rather clever.  The acting is top drawer (for a cheerleader movie anyway) as hotties Kristine DeBell (who was also in the X-rated Alice in Wonderland for the same producers) and Marilyn Joi turn in fun performances.  The dudes in the cast are also good.  Williams gives a multi-dimensional performance as the not-so bad guy and Leon Isaac (Penitentiary) Kennedy is solid in the critical role as the DJ who the kidnappers use to communicate with the cops.


That’s not saying that there aren’t some goofy WTF moments.  I think my favorite part was when the guard dog growls like Chewbacca!  Other than that, Cheerleaders’ Wild Weekend is the greatest 70’s cheerleader movie of all time.


The black kidnapper gets the best line of the film when he says, “I’m going to give her my soul-lami!”


AKA:  The Great American Girl Robbery.  AKA:  Bus 17 is Missing.  AKA:  Cheerleaders’ Naughty Weekend.

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