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Conklin (Candice Rialson), Sally (Pat Anderson), and Denise (Rhonda Leigh Hopkins) are three corn-fed dames from the Midwest who go to California to be summer school teachers.   Sally teaches photography and dates a crummy guy who takes her to strip clubs.  Denise is the chemistry teacher who falls in love with one of her delinquent students.  And Conklin tries to get an all-girl football team together and runs into opposition from the chauvinist coach (Dick Miller). 


One of the biggest problems I had with Summer School Teachers is that it’s considerably light on any exploitation elements.  I mean each of the three girls only gets naked ONE time apiece.  What’s up with that yo?  Another big fault is that the plot is weak and the girls’ storylines come together in a rather sloppy fashion.  It also doesn’t help that the flick is heavily padded with dune buggy chases and scenes of girls playing football.


Summer School Teachers isn’t a complete waste of time though.  I don’t know about you, but I’d sit through just about anything to see Rialson naked, so the movie’s many flaws didn’t really bother me too much.  Oh yeah, and Miller gave a good performance too.  As Rialson and Miller team-ups go; it’s certainly no Candy Stripe Nurses or Hollywood Boulevard, that’s for damn sure.


Anderson gets the best line of the movie when she muses, “You give a man an inch, he’ll take two, then you discover he only has three, and you get zero!”
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