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A bunch of snotty British teens go out sailing and get a hole in the bottom of their boat.  They make it to shore and seek shelter in an abandoned hotel.  Unbeknownst to them, the place is haunted by ghosts from the 50’s that possess the teens and turn them against one another.


The title makes it sound like Bloody New Year is going to be a standard issue holiday themed slasher from the 80’s.  It’s actually more like a remake of The Evil Dead (minus the over the top gore) set in the Overlook Hotel.  Because of the constant genre-hopping, the movie never makes up it’s mind what it wants to be and quickly turns into a muddled mess.


If you couldn’t already tell, not a whole lot of Bloody New Year makes much sense but it does have a few WTF moments that liven things up.  There is one pretty cool scene where a chick gets sucked into an elevator wall as well as a random ass seaweed monster attack.  I also liked the opening scene where a trio of hooligans harassed our heroes in an oceanfront amusement park because it reminded me a lot of the boardwalk I grew up on.  But on the other hand, you have to put up with a lot of useless padding, some truly awful performances, and a shitload of stupidity (especially the ending); so there’s a good chance you’ll probably hate it too. 


AKA:  Horror Hotel.  AKA:  Time Warp Terror.

Tags: b, horror

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