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WYVERN (2009) ** ½

A mythical Norse dragon called a Wyvern attacks the small Alaskan town of Beaver Falls on the eve of the winter solstice and interrupts the town’s big barbecue cook-off.  What townsfolk it doesn’t eat huddles together in a local greasy spoon and tries to fend off the scaly sonofabitch.  When they learn the Wyvern has a litter of eggs hidden in the woods, a carpenter with a bum hand (Nick Chinlund from The Chronicles of Riddick) and a cute waitress (Erin Carpluk) try to destroy them before they hatch.


Wyvern has a few tongue-in-cheek moments (my favorite was the death of the fat deputy) but not enough to be completely entertaining.  Even though it’s slightly better than most killer dragon movies you’d see on the SyFy Channel; it’s not exactly what you would call “good” either.  There’s some OK gore too; although not nearly enough for my taste. 


I think the most surprising thing about Wyvern was that the CGI special effects are actually pretty good.  Well, for a SyFy Channel Original that is.  Likewise, most of the actors pretend like they aren’t acting in a SyFy Channel Original and as a result; they’re all fairly decent.  Chinlund is solid and Carpluk has a couple good thespian moments too.  I also dug Barry (Critters 2:  The Main Course) Corbin as the crazy hunter who almost steps in a big pile of dragon doo-doo.  It’s Don S. Davis that gets the best line of the movie when he says, “Doc wasn’t missing, he was breakfast; and we’re all going to be lunch!”

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