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When the Sidney J. Furie, the director of Superman 4:  The Quest of Peace and Nathan Juran, the director of Attack of the 50 Foot Woman get together to make a mad scientist movie, you know you’re in for… uh… well… something.


Dr. Peter Blood gets caught performing illicit experiments on corpses and gets thrown out of… umm… wherever he was at.  Before long, Peter shows up in a small English hamlet and starts his experiments again.  Whenever he screws up (which is often), he stores the dead bodies in an old mine shaft.  In the end, Dr. Blood puts a living heart into a dead body and (I’m trying to be unspoilery as possible) it doesn’t go very well.


The lush color cinematography is eye-popping but that doesn’t disguise the fact that Doctor Blood’s Coffin is one heck of a dull, lifeless, and boring flick.  The doctor spends most of the movie traipsing around abandoned mine shafts and making cutesy faces with some English harlot and not enough time ripping out motherfuckers' hearts.  While the gore scenes are good for the time and predate Blood Feast by at least two years, they’re not nearly enough to make the movie worth two shits.  It’s like watching a stripper with DD’s taking off her top and revealing teeny tiny A cup titties.  What I’m getting at here is that this movie is all padding and very little payoff.

Tags: d, horror

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