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First we see a disclaimer informing us that not all stewardesses “usually behave like this”; then the movie begins.  The plot:  Five hump happy stewardesses go around Europe fucking their brains out.  Jenny is a sexy stew that fucks her captain in the cockpit while the plane is still in the air.  A greasy old Swiss passenger overhears them and convinces her to come back to his hotel.  Sadly, while Jenny is in the shower he falls asleep.  (At least he dreams of banging her doggystyle.)  Next, Frances flies to Rome where she seduces her captain, who proposes to her after one fuck.  Then Evelyn goes to Copenhagen where she gets it on with a bodybuilder.  Afterwards, Ingrid invites Evelyn to watch a stag movie before pairing off with their respective partners and balling.  Finally Ann goes off with some dirty hippie college student and bangs him in his scummy commune.


This German produced sexploitation flick is filled with a bunch of stock footage of planes taking off and landing.  There’s also way too much time spent on pointless sightseeing trips (Roman fountains, Danish red light districts, amusement parks, etc.) that mercilessly pad the running time.  On the plus side, the movie DOES feature a lot of swinging stewardesses getting naked, taking showers, and having sex; so you can’t really get THAT upset.  It’s not the best sexy stewardess movie I’ve ever seen (that would be The Stewardesses 3-D), but it gets the job done.  (And by getting the job done, I mean it gave me a boner.)


Add an extra star if you have a stewardess fetish.


Best Dialogue exchange:


Dude:  “Evelyn, I thought you were a real blonde!”


Evelyn:  “All that glitters is not gold!”


AKA:  Naked Stewardesses.  AKA:  Stewardesses Report.  AKA:  Sweet Sensations. 



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