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GRACE (2009) ***

My wife and I saw previews for this movie awhile ago and it looked pretty fucked up so I put it on my Queue.  In the meantime, we had a baby and my wife became a little sensitive when it came to watching horror movies involving pregnant and/or birthing women.  And she definitely wanted no part of a movie about a zombified baby.  That meant I had to wait until she was out of the house to watch it.  That time finally came today.


Michael (Stephen Park) and Madeline (Jordan Ladd) are an infertile couple that finally get pregnant and are looking forward to having their first baby.  Then one night, their car goes off the road.  Michael is killed and Madeline loses the baby.  Or so she thinks.  She gives birth to Grace, who at first seems like a healthy normal baby (except for the fact that she was born dead).  Pretty soon though, Grace’s hair starts falling out, she begins smelling so bad that she attracts flies, and then… she… well… uh…  It isn’t pretty. 


Oh, and I refuse to tell you what that crazy mother in-law is up to.


Look, speaking from experience; pregnancy, childbirth, and being a parent is some of the scariest shit you’ll ever have to face in your lifetime.  There are so many “what ifs” that it will literally drive you crazy.  (And that’s just from the daddy’s point of view.)  Grace exploits all of these fears to a tee.  And that’s what a good horror film should do isn’t it?  Show us our deepest, darkest fears; no matter how disgusting they are.


Sadly, Grace suffers from an extremely weak third act that is nowhere near as effective as what preceded it.  That’s OK though because it has enough genuinely unnerving moments along the way for me to recommend it.  (That is, unless you’re pregnant or just had a baby.)  It does have a killer final shot though.


If anything, you should check it out for Jordan Ladd.  I’ve always liked her as an actress, but I had no idea that she was playing the lead until about halfway through.  She’s almost unrecognizable here and gives one heck of a tour de force performance.  Even when she’s saying the most bat shit insane dialogue like, “You don’t understand!  She’s special.  She needs special food!” she is somehow able to make it believable.


I’m calling Grace the Best Monster Baby Movie since It’s Alive 3:  Island of the Alive.  It also happens to have the Most Horrific Breastfeeding Scene since Grave of the Vampire.  That right there should be enough to make you want to see it.



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