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Richard Harrison stars in another one of those cut and paste Godfrey Ho directed Ninja flicks.  This one has him commanding an elite police squad that’s going after a counterfeiting ring who are using a modeling agency as a front.  Of course, Harrison is secretly a Ninja and dons a pair of camouflage pajamas to do battle with the bad Ninjas that are in cahoots with the counterfeiters.


Sure it’s dumb as Hell and the goofy Ninja fight scenes are good for a chuckle or two, but it isn’t nearly as nutty as some of the other Ho/Harrison collaborations.  The problem is that all the stuff involving the counterfeiters and models is rather ho-hum and more than a little boring.  These Harrison Ninja movies always work better when the plot revolves around something bizarre like ghosts (like in Diamond Ninja Force) or killer snakes (like in Scorpion Thunderbolt).  What’s worse is that Harrison spends most of the movie sitting behind a desk and not enough time in funny camouflage pajamas.  Even the Ninja scenes are pretty lackluster this time around.  While the Ninjas on motorcycles finale certainly had a lot of promise, the execution is piss poor and sloppy.  Come on Godfrey; you can do better than this.  Don’t make me smack a Ho.


Special Note:  The credits said that Jackie Chan was in this flick but I’ll be damned if I spotted him anywhere.


AKA:  Ninja Protector.  AKA:  Project Ninja Daredevils.

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