The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

EVIL’S CITY (2005) ½ *

Two rival college journalists go to a mythical “evil” town out in the middle of bumfuck. Some military assholes also show up and are tempted by sexy eyeless seductresses that kill them. The “surprise” ending is awful and obvious and features some of the worst CGI fire effects I’ve ever seen. The nadir of this mess comes when a chick eats a piece of tainted fried chicken and becomes possessed by the town. (Does Colonel Sanders know about this?) I’ve seen a lot of bad shot on video horror movies but this one is among the worst. The acting, scripting and camerawork are all third rate and sloppy. It’s one of those terrible movies that you watch and you say to yourself, “Damn if I made my own movie with zero money and possessed zero talent, it couldn’t possibly be any worse than this piece of shit!” There’s a decent gore scene or two, and at least one highly quotable line of dialogue (“You ever been fucked by darkness?”) but that’s not nearly enough to make you wanna sit through this dreck.
Tags: e, horror
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