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After turning in one of the greatest performances in the past 25 years as the villain Terry Silver in Karate Kid 3, Thomas Ian Griffith wrote, produced and starred in this by the numbers kung fu cop movie. He plays another guy named Terry, a tough talking, karate kicking, piano playing cop who is framed by murder by his corrupt captain (Lance Henriksen). Griffith isn’t as convincing playing a hero, but he sure can kung fu the hell out of people for 85 minutes. Despite it’s unoriginality, it’s pretty bloody and has a great supporting cast including Burt (Rocky) Young as a gangster, Tony (Candyman) Todd as Griffith’s partner, Charlotte (Embrace of the Vampire) Lewis as the love interest, and James Earl (Best of the Best) Jones as a jazz club owner. Director John Hess also did Watchers. And yes, this is a movie where the characters say the title a lot. “You’ve been charged with using EXCESSIVE FORCE!”
Tags: action, e, kung fu
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