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Michael (Kill Bill) Madsen stars a Hollywood stunt driver convict. Keith (They Live) David organizes his escape so he can drive the getaway car for a plot to kidnap the President (Roy Scheider).

The action packed opening has got to be the Bullitt chase of direct to video action movies. Madsen’s on a prison bus that gets rammed by two semis, and Angie (Bordello of Blood) Everhart drags him out. During a shootout with the cops, Madsen gets free from her and speeds away in a stolen car. Cop cars give chase, fly through the air, ram into tractor trailers, explode, and nearly hit a woman with a stroller.

When Madsen goes to see his wife, Everhart is waiting for him and kidnaps them, but not before framing him for murdering two cops. She takes them to David, whose headquarters is in “Area 55”. He makes Madsen race R/C cars with him in a model city and gets pissed at him when he makes him crash his car. He tells Madsen he wants him to be the getaway driver for a bank heist or he’ll kill his wife, but the heist is just a test. David’s real plan is to kidnap the President. David spends most the movie in his office watching everything on video monitors (including Madsen and his wife making out). David’s men disrupt the President’s motorcade using their patented semi ramming technique. They also blow up some Secret Service helicopters for good measure. They stick Scheider into Madsen’s Corvette and he leads them on a huge chase which features a good dozen car pile-up. David, watching the proceedings with Madsen’s wife, turns to her and says, “Now tell me that doesn’t give you a hard-on!” Madsen then double crosses David and rescues the President and sets out to save his wife.

Madsen gets his mechanic friend Bela (Dayton Callie) to help him. He puts Bela in a garbage bag and passes him off as the President. The plan is when Madsen says “Cherry Coke”, Bela starts shooting. A guard stops them and Madsen says “Cherry Coke” like 8 times before Bela hears him. Hilarity ensues. They break in and rescue his wife. David gets the drop on them and Bela yells out “Cherry Coke!” and gets killed. Madsen gets the drop on David and kills him.

This is an action packed direct to video flick that features a good cast doing what they do best. Madsen is excellent as always, David plays a good villain, Everhart is sexy as always, and Scheider makes a good President. Madsen was also Associate Producer and Callie co-wrote the screenplay. With Lance (Werewolf) LeGault in a small role. Directed by direct to video veteran Joseph Merhi.
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