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This was a troubled production. Original director Paul (Auto Focus) Schrader turned in his version, only to have Warner Brothers fire him and replace him with Renny (Cliffhanger) Harlin to reshoot the movie. Not just scenes, but the ENTIRE movie.

Stellan (Good Will Hunting) Skarsgaard is the young, alcoholic, down on his faith Father Merrin who uncovers the spot Lucifer fell during the war in Heaven. His spirit is released into a local boy and Merrin regains his faith by confronting the evil.

It’s nowhere near as good as the original (did you expect it to be?) but it’s a lot better than 2 and 3. There’s some good gore and gross out scenes (maggot infested baby anyone?) but the hyena attack is the best. If you can get past the cheesy finale, it makes for a pretty decent popcorn flick. Izabella (Goldeneye) Scoruppo co-stars as a hottie doctor. This was not a hit, so in an attempt to recoup some cash, the studio went ahead and released Schrader’s version (Dominion: A Prequel to the Exorcist) the next year to just as bad or worse reviews.
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