The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

FACELESS (1988) ***

This is one of director Jess (Succubus) Franco’s nuttiest movies (and that’s saying something!). Helmut Berger is a doctor whose wife is scarred by acid. He runs a clinic and kidnaps a beautiful cokehead model (Caroline Munro) and plans to transplant her face onto his wife’s. Telly (Kojack) Savalas (!!!) is her father who hires a private dick (Chris Mitchum) to find her.

Franco throws in decent amounts of nudity, rape and threesomes, but it’s the death scenes that make this film memorable. There’s arm chopping, a syringe to the eyeball, scissors to the throat, a power drill to the forehead, French kissing decapitated heads, and some good face peeling operation scenes. The most over the top part though is Mitchum’s fight with a flamboyantly gay photographer and his bodybuilding boy toy named Doo Doo which ends in Doo Doo getting kicked in the nuts and howling like Bruce Lee! The punching sound effects for that scene are louder than in any Rocky movie and add to the hilarity. Just when you think it can’t get any better, Dr. Orloff (Howard Vernon) shows up for a cameo!

Brigitte Lahaie co-stars as Berger’s sexy nurse (and swing partner) and gets the best line: “I couldn’t care less if you raped her, but you damaged her face!”
Tags: f, horror, jess franco
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