The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
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FACE THE EVIL (1996) **

No Contest (1994) is one of my favorite direct to video action movies of all time. It was a brilliant, funny, action packed Die Hard rip off (at a beauty pageant) that featured a great cast and had some tightly directed action scenes. This sequel is just a rip off.

Shannon Tweed returns as Sharon Bell, a kickboxing movie star who battles terrorists, this time in an art museum. Bruce (Warlock 3) Payne and Jayne (Sci-Fighters) Heitmeyer co-star as her director and sister who help Sharon fight Neo Nazi Lance (Aliens) Henriksen who uses a chemical weapon that melts people.

Henriksen takes the acting honors and in the film’s best scene gives a snobby movie star “acting lessons” by shooting him in the kneecaps. Tweed doesn’t have a lot to do, but Payne gets to mock his villain role in Passenger 57 by playing a good guy this time and delivering the Snipes-ian line, “In the roulette game of life, I’m Vegas!”

The uninspired location and lethargic action scenes put this far below the high standards of the first film. The face into the circuit breaker death is pretty cool though, and besides any movie that ends with Lance Henriksen melting can’t be all bad.
Tags: action, f, sequel
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