The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

FALLEN (1998) ** ½

Denzel Washington is a cop who is pursued by a dead serial killer (Elias Koteas) whose spirit can take over any human's body just by touching them. He also sings "Time is on My Side" a lot, so if you get confused about who the killer is, just look for the person singing the classic Stones tune. Another indication is the irritating POV shots of his spirit swooping around. An intriguing premise is marred by overlength and thudding pacing. It also has a cheat ending, but any movie that ends with Sympathy for the Devil can't be all bad. Co-starring John (Roseanne) Goodman, Embeth (Army of Darkness) Daviditz, Donald (M.A.S.H.) Sutherland, James (Terminal Velocity) Gandolfini and Robert (Death Wish V) Joy. Director Gregory Hoblit did Frequency next.
Tags: f, horror
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