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Producer Roger Corman’s rights to this Marvel franchise were about to expire. The only way he could keep them was to make a movie. He did. Unfortunately, it was only to retain the rights so he could make a bigger budgeted version down the road. He never did, and shelved the cheapo version. It never saw the light of a projector, but it’s a big hit on the bootleg circuit. If you’re a Marvel fan, check it out. All others, you’ve been warned.

Four astronauts get zapped by cosmic rays and are given super powers. Mr. Fantastic can bend his arms and legs like rubber bands, The Human Torch can ignite into flames, The Invisible Woman is self explanatory, and The Thing is a powerful man made of orange rock. They return home to Earth and battle their arch nemesis, Dr. Doom.

Corman didn’t just cut corners, he shredded them.

Although The Thing’s costume is well done and articulated (and he gets to use his catchphrase, “It’s clobberin’ time!” quite a bit), the rest of the effects are horrible. Mr. Fantastic’s limbs are nothing more than broomsticks, The Invisible Woman effect is done with a camera wipe, and The Human Torch is all animation. After you pick your jaw up off the floor after you see the terrible animation used for him, your sanity still might be in jeopardy.

With Alex Hyde-White, Jay Underwood and Joseph Culp. It took 11 years for an “official” Fantastic Four movie to get made (by Fox).

Flame on.
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