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Of all the superhero movies of late, this is the only one where the heroes make practical everyday use of their powers. Mr. Fantastic, (Ilon Gruffud) whose body can elongate and stretch like a rubber band uses his powers to get a new roll of toilet paper out of the hall closet, while still sitting on the can! Damn, I want a superpower! The Human Torch (Chris Evans) can heat up his body until it bursts into flames and can make Jiffy Pop popcorn in seconds, just by holding it in his hand. Brilliant. Invisible Girl… err… Woman (Jessica Alba) can make herself disappear whenever creepy guys hit on her. Cool. Dr. Doom (Julian McMahon) can shoot electrical shockwaves that can blow holes through people. Convenient. Only The Thing (Michael Chiklis), who’s made of orange rock, has the most problems. He’s too heavy for elevators and beds, but is still strong enough to lift fire trucks and kick ass when he has to.

The Marvel comic this is based on was never my favorite, but it had a goofy charm all its own and the interaction between the characters made it stand out from the rest of the pack. The same holds true for the movie. There’s no real “plot” so to speak (they get their powers and learn to work as a team to fight Dr. Doom), rather the movie is dictated through the characters and not the story, which is refreshing.

The cast is great and there’s a good chemistry between the stiff ass Mr. Fantastic and the coy Invisible Woman, as well as between the upstart Human Torch and the take no shit Thing. The movie’s only real problem is that McMahon actually becomes less interesting when he finally changes into Doom (He basically is the same smartass in a metal suit. C’mon Doom should be menacing and evil!) and the climax is wrapped up way too quickly.

Fantastic? No. But a damn good time nonetheless. If you like this, check out the infamous Roger Corman version.
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