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Nurse Beverly Garland searches for her husband who disappeared on their honeymoon in the swamps of Louisiana.  She tracks him down to an old house where she learns he is an experiment for doctor Bruce Bennett.  It turns out that her husband (played by Richard Crane) was badly hurt in a plane crash and the doc gave him a serum made from alligator secretions that helped him heal rapidly.  Unfortunately, there is one small side effect:  it gives him scaly skin just like an alligator.  Lon Chaney, Jr. takes the acting honors as the crazy drunk caretaker with a hook hand.  An alligator bit his hand off so he spends his time shooting gators.  He also tries to rape Garland and Crane saves her.  During an experiment to change Crane back to normal, Chaney comes in and ruins everything, accidentally accelerating Crane’s gator genes and turns him into a six foot tall gator (who wears pants and shoes).  “I’ll kill that two legged gator!”  Good effects from Ben Nye and a young Dick Smith make this a fun 50’s shocker.  Originally 20th Century Fox put this on a double feature with Return of the Fly.  Despite the title, there is only ONE Alligator Person.

Tags: a, horror, lon chaney jr.

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