The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

FEAR DOT COM (2002) ***

Director William (the House on Haunted Hill remake) Malone brings his signature style to this horror thriller about an evil website that kills it’s victims 48 hours after they log on. Yeah, okay so it’s like The Ring, but who cares? At least this movie has some scares, something that overrated piece of shit didn’t. It also borrows a bit from Mario Bava’s Kill Baby Kill (a little girl with a bouncing ball being a harbinger of death), but since Malone manages to make most of the movie atmospheric and creepy, we’ll forgive him for some of the film’s derivativeness. Stephen (Blade) Dorff stars as the cop investigating the murders, the always great Jeffrey (Re-Animator) Combs plays his partner, Natasha (The Truman Show) McElhone is the love interest, and Stephen (The Crying Game) Rea is the crazy ass killer doctor. Some highlights include bleeding eyeballs, a cockroach attack and a barroom blowjob. Dorff later battled evil in Alone in the Dark. Combs was also in Malone’s House on Haunted Hill.
Tags: f, horror
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