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Reiko Ike returns as Ocho, the tattooed swordswoman in this to sequel to Sex and Fury. This one is even more lurid than it’s predecessor, but it’s also way too uneven.

The great opening title sequence has Ocho fighting a group of men totally nude in a red tinted rain storm. She is soon drugged and framed for murder.

What kind of murder you ask? Well the kind of murder where a girl gets stabbed in her coochie, of course. And what do they call this killer? I’m so very glad you asked; they call her The Crotch Gouge Murderer! Sheer Brilliance!

The murders are actually perpetrated by drug dealers who smuggle drugs inside of prostitute’s pussies. In the entertaining climax there’s an all out battle between sword wielding naked prostitutes and fully clothed (thank goodness) gangsters.

The first and last fifteen minutes of this movie are incredible, but the hour in between is pretty slow going, unless seeing drugs shoved into women’s clambatches is your idea of a good time. The original was supposedly set in 1905, but I think the filmmakers totally forgot about that since everything pretty much looks like it takes place in the 70’s to me.

Ike is good once again as Ocho and kicks lots of ass, but since she already got her revenge in the first movie, there’s very little for her do character wise (this was also my main problem with the Lady Snowblood sequel). It also loses points because there isn’t a lot of inquisitioning or torture going on either.

The Lady Boss Prostitute gets the best line: “You messed with my girl’s private parts, now you’re gonna pay!”
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