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Porno spoofs of Hollywood movies have been around for just about as long as pornos themselves.  It’s relatively easy to make a porno spoof these days.  You don’t even have to make the plots similar; all you need is a clever title (like say, The Bi-Curious Case of Benjamin’s Butthole) and you’re set.  Jim Wynorski’s The Devil Wears Nada is a softcore spoof of The Devil Wears Prada that actually manages to copy the plot of the original fairly closely.  The only real difference is that instead of the Meryl Streep playing a bitchy publishing magnate, it’s Beverly Lynne playing a bitchy porno publishing magnate.  That and it has a shitload of naked lesbians in it.


The only snag is that the film isn’t a softcore “spoof” of The Devil Wears Prada per se because it’s not really all that funny.  It would be more accurate to call it a softcore “version” of The Devil Wears Prada.  I guess the problem lies with the fact that a chick flick isn’t exactly the best genre to spoof.


I do have to give Wynorski credit for copying the plot from the original film so closely.  He does a particularly fine job with recreating the characters.  Everyone from the gratuitous gay assistant to the bitchy British secretary is here.  I only wish he didn’t feel so confined to the original film because the flick is at it’s best when it’s sorta doing it’s own thing (like the opening scene that takes place in Hell).


All that stuff really doesn’t matter though.  What matters is the T & A.  In terms of quantity, The Devil Wears Nada delivers.  There is literally a fuck scene every five minutes.  We get some boy-girl scenes, a few girl-girl scenes, and lots of lesbian threeways.  As far as quality goes… well, they aren’t quite as boner-inducing as Wynorski’s Busty Cops Go Hawaiian (which uses a lot of the same toe-tapping music), but they’re definitely good enough to give ya a couple of chubs.


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