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One of the more intriguing aspects about the first two Omen films is that the devil personified itself in the form of a little boy, making the characters as well as the audience wonder, “Surely such a young tyke couldn’t possibly be capable of evil.” Now that Damien has grown up to be Sam Neill it kinda takes all the fun out of it. It doesn’t help that he’s as dull as all get out either. Obviously the Anti-Christ’s plan is to bore us into Armageddon.

In this entry Damien, not content on running the biggest conglomerate on the planet, connives his way into becoming a U.N. Ambassador. His plan for world domination is never clearly spelled out so we’re only to guess that he’s pretty much just like every other politician in office. Meanwhile a bunch of Italian monks headed by Rossano (Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks) Brazzi gets their mitts on the sacred daggers that are the only weapon to kill Damien and plan his assassination.

Their brilliant plan? Sneak up on him one at a time and try to stick him in the back with a dagger. Did I miss something? According to the first movie aren’t ALL the daggers supposed to be put in him at the same time?

Anyway these monks are about as competent as The Three Stooges and end up burnt, struck by lightning and during their lamest assassination attempt during a fox hunt they get killed by rouge horses and dogs.

Meanwhile there’s a whole lot of horse hockey involved with the stars aligning which brings forth the second coming of Christ. Since Damien can’t have Jesus 2 running around thwarting him, he orders his second in command Don (The Mack) Gordon to murder all the babies born on the night of the celestial alignment. This leads to a bunch of unnecessary tasteless scenes involving infants getting hit by cars, drowned and suffocated. Of course one of the suspected babies is Gordon’s newborn but director Graham (Alien Nation) Baker never milks this potentially interesting subplot for all it’s worth. There’s no “Will he or won’t he kill his own child?” suspense, he just kind of doesn’t go along with it and gets a red hot iron shoved in his eye.

Another guilty pleasure of the previous entries missing from this flick was seeing an all star cast bite the dust in a plethora of gruesome ways. Well there aren’t any big names in this cast, just a bunch of dumb Italian monks. There is a great paint the room red shotgun suicide though.

Neill is completely awful in the lead role and is not very convincing at playing evil incarnate (or an American for that matter). He does get to perform his own one man show in front of a backwards cross and hurl insults at Jesus like “You were vomited forth from a gaping wound of a woman!”, “Profaner of vices!”, and “Cursed Nazarene!”

The ending has to be one of the worst ever. The so-called “Final Conflict” has Damien running around yelling “Come on out Nazarene!” before getting a dagger stuck in his back. Then Jesus appears for like five seconds (he uses Las Vegas lounge act technology) and then there’s a mess of Bible quotes. But this IS the only movie I can think of where we get to see Smucker’s spokesman Mason Adams play the President.

Original Omen director Richard Donner executive produced. This wasn’t “The Final Conflict” after all; a shitty direct to Fox TV sequel followed a decade later.

AKA: The Omen 3: The Final Conflict.
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