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When a teen (Devon Sawa) has a premonition that the plane he's on will blow up, he and some friends get off the plane, only to have it blow up anyway. After the crash, the survivors start to die in gruesome ways. Sawa learns from a creepy coroner (Candyman's Tony Todd) that since they cheated death, death will come back after them to finish the job.

The creative death scenes involve hanging, getting hit by a bus and a pretty nifty decapitation. The best killing is the brutal over the top death of a teacher. The finale is overdone, but the solid premise and good performances anchor this entertaining horror movie. The sequels would later perfect the formula by upping the gore and fun quotient.

Ali Larter, Kerr Smith and Seann William (Dude Where's My Car?) Scott star as the doomed teens and all the characters have in-joke names (Hitchcock, Lewton, Chaney). Director James Wong and writer Glen Morgan were vets of The X-Files and did The One next. They skipped out on doing Final Destination 2, but returned for Part 3.
Tags: f, final destination series, horror
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