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The original Final Destination stood (decapitated) heads and shoulders above the glut of bad post-Scream teeny bopper horror flicks that flooded the multiplexes in the late 90’s. Sequels to such films have been even worse. I Still Know What You Did Last Summer? Well, I wish I could forget. That’s why Final Destination 2 is such a breath of fresh air. Not only does it surpass the original, but it ups the gore quotient. It harkens back to the heyday of the 80’s when blood and guts ruled, and not the pretty boys and cover girls crap of today. It’s the first true “splatter” film to come along in some time.

It’s also the best horror movie since Wes Craven made that kids with violins flick.

It starts out with THE greatest automobile crash since Elwood Blues drove the Bluesmobile. Bodies get mutilated in ghoulishly joyful ways, but wait a minute, it was all a premonition! The accident is avoided and everyone is safe, right? WRONG! As in the first movie, death comes back, Big Time.

That’s right we get to see people die not once, but TWICE in this baby! Eyes are gouged. Heads fly off necks. Window pane (so popular after 13 Ghosts) flatten. And I’m not even gonna spoil the good stuff.

Director David R. (Cellular) Ellis creates memorable death scenes aplenty and is kinda like a middle income man’s Argento when it comes to the gory stuff. And not being a fan of CGI, I must say that this flick made me rethink my opinion. CGI is an excellent tool for making mince meat outta teens.

Final Destination 2 is THE Best CGI Splatter Film of the New Millennium!
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