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Original Final Destination creators James Wong and Glen Morgan returned for the third and perhaps “final” installment of this durable franchise. This time instead of a plane crash or auto accident that causes a group of teens to perish, it’s a rollercoaster that goes off the tracks.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is the chick who has a premonition that her and her fellow classmates will die on the rollercoaster and convinces some of them to get off. Of course, in Final Destination tradition, the premonition comes true and all the kids who got off the coaster are all targets of “Death’s Wrath” and proceed to die in wonderfully gruesome and gory ways. The best deaths involve tanning beds, a car motor, a weight bench and a particularly brutal death by nail gun.

It suffers from a weak ending, but it manages to be more fun than the original and while it couldn’t possibly live (die?) up to the gory heights of Part 2, any movie in which Joey Ramone is a harbinger of death is okay by me. Tony Todd who played the creepy morgue attendant in the first two films has a vocal cameo as the “voice” of the rollercoaster.
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