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There is a moral backlash sweeping the nation, so naturally some Congressional hearings are held to crack down on indecency and lewdness.  Predictably, the numero uno woman in Congress’s crosshairs is The Happy Hooker herself, Xaviera Hollander (Joey Heatherton).  So Xaviera has to go to Washington and defend herself.  Well, Billy Jack went to Washington, so why not The Happy Hooker?


The Happy Hooker Goes to Washington is a much better movie than the original for a few reasons.  First off, the producers hired a REAL director for the film, not just some dope whose only other credits are TV shows.  Of course, the guy they hired was William A Levey, the director of Blackenstein.  He’s not exactly Orson Welles or anything, although he does know how to film titties bouncing up and down.  Which brings me to the second reason Goes to Washington is more entertaining than the first one:  It features a Hell of a lot more nudity than it’s predecessor.  In fact, there are more tits in the first ten minutes of this movie than there was in the entire running time of Part 1.  Thirdly, there are actual jokes this time out.  Of course, they are jokes that wouldn’t get a laugh in a burlesque house in 1932, but they are jokes nevertheless.  Finally, the supporting cast is a lot more fun.  There’s George Hamilton, Joe E. Ross, Jack Carter, Larry Storch, Rip Taylor, and Billy Barty,  Never mind the fact that they aren’t really given anything to do, at least they’re here dammit.


All of this doesn’t necessarily make for a good movie though.  Frankly, Xaviera spends way too much time talking to Congress and not enough time boning.  It’s like watching C-SPAN; except you know, with hookers.  Plus, The Happy Hooker doesn’t get naked AGAIN!  What’s up with that?  Still, it’s almost worth it just to see My Favorite Martian’s Ray Walston dressing up like Superman and fighting Harold “Oddjob” Sakata.


Out of The Happy Hooker’s entire stable of hos, the bosomy Marilyn (Cheerleaders’ Wild Weekend) Joi gets naked the most.  She also gets the best line of the movie:  “I heard you like chocolate… try these mounds!”

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