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This totally worthless slasher movie is one of the worst to come out after the wake of Friday the 13th’s success. It’s hard to believe that so many people involved went on to bigger and better things because you would have never have guessed it, judging from their performances here. The cast including Daryl (Splash) Hannah, Rachel (Against All Odds) Ward, Joe (The Matrix) Pantiliano, Adrian (Grease 2) Zmed, and Mark (Animal House) Metcalfe are all pretty much irritatingly stupid characters that get lost in the woods are get terrorized by an insane mother and her psycho son.

More depressing is the fact that Andrew Davis directed it. He would later go on to direct such classics as The Fugitive and Under Siege, but after watching this movie, it’s surprising that anyone would ever let him near a camera again. He fills this flick with way too many overlong scenes of people walking endlessly in the woods, and when something finally does happen, its way too dark to see anything!

There’s no “Final” terror in this movie, not to mention a first, second or third. A total waste of time and talent. Future Hollywood big shot Joe Roth produced.
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