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LAKE PLACID 3 (2010) * ½

Well, it looks like those crocodile eggs from Lake Placid 2 finally hatched because there’s a whole bunch of baby crocs running rampant.  Some freckled-face ginger-headed brat starts feeding them and pretty soon those crocs grow to ginormous proportions.  The super-huge crocodiles then set their sights on trying to gobble down the kid’s family.  Meanwhile a hottie cougar poacher (as in a hot forty-something hunter; not a hunter that kills cougars) is out roaming the lake trying to turn the killer crocs into her latest trophies.


Lake Placid 2 was better than I anticipated so I was kinda looking forward to this one.  Unfortunately, it’s yet another substandard SyFy Channel crapfest.  The only real reason to watch it is for the gore.  There’s a couple of OK croc maulings, some finger biting, a Chihuahua crocodile snack, and a fairly decent severed head that culminates in a geyser of CGI blood.  Speaking of CGI, the special effects are nothing to brag about but they’re better than most SyFy Channel Originals.


I guess John Schneider had better things to do because he’s nowhere to be seen in this flick.  The new hero is played by that dude from Eureka and he doesn’t have a shred of charisma.  If there was somebody half as cool as Schneider, we might’ve been in business.  As it is, we got stuck with this jackass instead.  We do have Michael Ironside as the new sheriff though. 


And then there’s Yancy (Hard Target) Butler as the cougar poacher.  Even though she doesn’t exactly give a great performance, her character is good for a laugh.  I particularly liked the scene where she was suffering from a gunshot wound and multiple crocodile bites but was still somehow able to single-handedly decapitate a charging croc with a Bowie knife.  Had there been more of these jaw-dropping scenes of WTF lunacy, Lake Placid 3 may’ve been a worthy entry in the franchise. 

Tags: horror, l, sequel, syfy

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