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GREENBERG (2010) *** ½

People fell all over themselves to praise Ben Stiller’s “serious” turn in this movie but the truth of the matter is that he’s done dramas before.  For instance, he gave a terrific performance as a junkie in Permanent Midnight.  He also did some great dramatic work in Duplex.  I know that was supposed to be a comedy but since no one laughed, I guess you could consider it a drama.


Stiller stars as Greenberg, a neurotic loser who has just gotten out of a mental hospital.  He moves out to LA to housesit for his brother and take care of his dog.  Greenberg also falls in love (sort of) with his brother’s assistant, Florence (Greta Gerwig) and the duo’s combative on again/off again relationship makes up the bulk of the film.


I found it kinda refreshing that this movie didn’t really rely on a plot and was more or less content on being a character study.  I really liked seeing Stiller and Gerwig playing off of one another and their performances is what makes the movie memorable.  I do have to say that they probably played make-up/break-up one (or possibly two) more times than what was really necessary though.  Despite that little quibble, it’s a really good movie.


Gerwig gives a star-making performance here.  And by star-making, I mean she shows off her tits a lot.  I don’t think we’ve seen tits like this on the silver screen before.  What I mean by that is she’s got nipples that stick out like Ninja throwing stars.  I think before she shows those puppies off again, she’ll have to register them as lethal weapons.


Greenberg lands on The Video Vacuum Top Ten Films of the Year list at the Number 7 spot, which ranks it just above When You’re Strange and right below Busty Cops Go Hawaiian.



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