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Steven Seagal plays an ex-cop who was wrongly kicked off the force.  He’s also racked up a sizable gambling debt and owes money all over town.  A mysterious millionaire (Lance Henriksen) buys up all of Seagal’s debt and forces him to become an assassin for hire in order to pay off his gambling marks.  After he puts a few people in body bags, Henriksen gives Steve-O his latest target; his daughter’s stepfather.  This is going to make the next family get together AWKWARD.


Pistol Whipped marks a step up in terms of quality for a Seagal Direct to DVD action flick.  The story is coherent, the production values are impressive, and the action sequences are solidly executed (there’s a good stunt where an SUV flips over, a couple of competent wrist-snapping fight sequences, and the graveyard shootout finale is good too).  And you know, it’s always kinda iffy whenever Seagal is trying to save a little girl.  Sometimes it can suck, like with Shadow Man; but sometimes it can be fun too, like in Out of Reach.  Fortunately, Pistol Whipped falls into the latter category.


I highly enjoyed Henriksen’s sinister turn as Seagal’s benefactor.  His character is kinda reminiscent of John P. Ryan’s role from Death Wish 4 and it gives old Lance ample opportunity to flex his acting chops.  Seagal does some fine work in the thespian department too.  Usually he plays nothing but super suave heroes but he equips himself nicely playing a down on his luck type of character.  He also gets a thoroughly badass moment at the end of the film where he shoots a guy and asks him if he wants to be buried or cremated.  When the guy says buried, Seagal throws him into a hearse, shoots the gas tank, and after the car blows up he yells, “You’re cremated now motherfucker!”  So you can see; while no means a classic, Pistol Whipped does contain enough classic moments to qualify it as one of the best latter era Seagal vehicles.


AKA:  The Marker.  AKA:  Deathly Weapon.

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