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A pervert kidnaps his ex-wife and takes her to his shack in the woods where he rapes her.  Then he ties her up and fucks her with a lit candle.  After that, he makes her poop in a bucket while he watches.  When she tries to escape, he ties her up again and pours hot candle wax all over her hoo-ha until she starts to like it.  Then the inevitable happens, they fall back in love with one another.  The duo then kidnaps another couple which predictably leads to more rope bondage, pooping, and fucking.


Man, who needs couples therapy when you have some rope, candles, and a bucket to poop in?


I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, the Japanese know how to make a kinky movie.  And boy is this ever one kinky momma jamma!  Seriously, if you have a candle wax, rope, or poop fetish, then Wife to Be Sacrificed will give you a boner for the entire 70 minute running time.  Out of those three fetishes, I have to say that only two of those things turns me on (guess which two), so I liked the movie a lot more than most straight-laced viewers will.


Honestly, there’s really no way to review a movie like Wife to Be Sacrificed as it will only appeal to a very select audience.  If it turns you on, then it succeeded.  If however all the scenes of S & M rope bondage, candle wax dripping, and shitting in buckets doesn’t do anything for you (besides turn your stomach that is), then avoid this movie at all costs.

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