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YOUTH IN REVOLT (2010) * ½

This movie starts off with Michael Cera masturbating, which isn’t exactly the best way to start off a movie.  Then he moves to a trailer park with his mom (Jean Smart) and her boyfriend (Zack Galifianakis) where he meets this hot chick named Sheeni (Portia Doubleday).  This is the kind of girl that only exists in the movies.  Seriously, what kind of girl lives in a trailer park and listens to French music, watches French movies, and talks like a Juno rip-off?  None, that’s how many. 


It goes without saying that Mike’s a virgin and he wants to tap that ass.  Predictably, her parents don’t want them poontanging around and they forbid Mike from seeing her.  Mike is a complete wuss about things so he has to create an alternate persona in order to win her over. 


The scenes with Cera’s alternate persona plays like Fight Club in reverse in that both Cera and the audience are fully aware that he has a split personality.  I guess it would be okay if his split personality was halfway as cool as Tyler Durden.  This dude (named Francois Dillinger or some shit) is just Michael Cera with a moustache.  Plus he wears clothes that look like they came from Wal-Mart.  Can you say, “Fucking Nerd”?


And here’s a few things I noticed while watching this movie:


1.       Michael Cera’s fifteen minutes are almost up.  Yeah, I know he’s at least trying to stretch as an actor by wearing a moustache but he’s still the same old Michael Cera character he’s been playing since Arrested Development.  It’s getting pretty annoying, kid.  Hang it up while there’s still time.


2.       Zack Galifianakis’ fifteen minutes are almost up.  He was funny in The Hangover and all but his demented man-child routine is starting to wear thin.  Seriously dude, come up with a new shtick or you’re going to go the way of Pauly Shore.


3.       This movie has a pretty cool Claymation opening credit sequence.  More movies need to begin with Claymation credit sequences.  Of course, the Claymation sequence that randomly occurs halfway through the movie is a bit much and serves no point whatsoever.  Claymation credit sequences:  Good.  Claymation sequences during the film:  Bad.


Overall, Youth in Revolt seems like it’s going for a Wes Anderson type of feel but it misses the boat entirely.  The problem is director Miguel Arteta ain’t Wes Anderson.  Because of this, not only is the Youth in Revolt, but so is the audience.

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