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The first ten minutes of The Student Nurses are awesome.  A crazy patient tries to rape a nurse (I can’t remember the chick’s name so I’ll just call her Nurse #1) and when the doctors rush in and inject a needle into his ass, she chides them from being too harsh on him.  That was funny.  Then Nurse #2 makes a date to get fucked by a gynecologist.  She’s not so sure she’ll recognize him in the dark though and he tells her she’ll know it’s him by his stethoscope.  Funny enough, she crawls in bed with another dude who also happens to have a stethoscope around his neck.


All of this is kinda funny but the movie completely falls apart in the middle section when things get all soap opera-ry and shit.  There is a good subplot though about Nurse #3 who gets porked by a drug dealer and gets pregnant.  When she lets the gyno dude give her an abortion at the apartment the Student Nurses share, Nurse #2 gets pissed and says, “Nobody’s having their insides scraped in MY bedroom!”   


Things go into the proverbial toilet when Nurse #1 falls in love with a terminal patient and tries to make his last day memorable by throwing him a pity fuck.  Then Nurse #4 joins up with some Mexican revolutionaries led by Reni (Poppy from Seinfeld) Santoni and attempts to stick it to The Man.  This is the lamest of all the subplots because the Nurse’s transformation from innocent nurse to brainwashed revolutionary just isn’t believable at all.


Well, shitty subplots and boring stuff aside, there’s a couple of titties in here so you at least won’t fall asleep or nothing.  I did like the scene where Nurse #3 has an LSD flashback during the abortion though.  More drive-in flicks need random weird shit in them like that. 


Trivia Note:  This was the first film from Roger Corman’s New World Pictures.

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