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NEW POLICE STORY (2006) ** ½

A gang of ruthless cop-hating punks are terrorizing the city.  After they heartlessly murder the members of Jackie Chan’s task force, Jackie takes to boozing it up.  Eventually though, Jackie sobers up and ends their crime spree once and for all.


Like most of the Police Story films, we get a good action sequence involving a bus and Jackie slides down a bunch of lights again.  My favorite scene though took place in a Lego Land store where Jackie and this one dude kicked the crap out of each other.  All throughout the scene, I kept waiting for the 12 foot tall Lego dragon in the background to get smashed into a million pieces.  (Don’t worry it did.)  Of course, Jackie’s getting up there in age, so don’t expect him to do any insane stunts like he used to.


Chan isn’t just Wacky Jackie this time out.  He actually does some mighty fine acting in this one.  He’s particularly effective when he goes on a drinking binge and cries (a lot) after he’s unable to save his team’s lives. 


The Weinsteins released this flick and although they’re usually notorious for editing down their martial arts movies, they left this one intact.  I never thought I’d say this but I’d actually rather see them cut out about twenty minutes from the middle of the movie.  After about the third scene where Jackie got drunk and cried, I started getting a little restless.  It’s one thing to go out and get drunk if you’re going to do some Drunken Master type stuff, but when all you do is mope around, it gets dull after awhile.  


You know, I have to wonder if Chris Nolan saw this flick on cable or something before he made The Dark Knight because the villains are all amoral assholes who rob banks not for the money but to cause as much chaos as humanly possible while inflicting as much emotional and physical pain upon the hero.  They even wear funny masks just like the Joker’s men and some of their do-or-die antics are reminiscent of The Clown Prince of Crime (or a Saw movie, take your pick).  Even though the villains sorta wear out their welcome by the end, they are still memorable enough to make New Police Story worth a look.

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