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LAYER CAKE (2005) ** ½

Daniel Craig stars a nameless drug dealer trying to get out of the game when he’s asked to find a missing girl by the local kingpin.  Things get increasingly complicated for him when a Dutch drug lord thinks he stole a suitcase full of prescription pills.  Then he falls for the kingpin’s nephew’s girlfriend (Sienna Miller), which really gets him into hot water.


I wanted to like this gangster flick from director Matthew (Kick-Ass) Vaughn but several things hampered my enjoyment.  First was the plotting.  I mean just as Craig is about to get everything straightened out, some new contrivance pops up to put him back to square one.  It just kinda got annoying after awhile.   Plus, if you can’t see the ending coming from a mile away, then you’re legally movie blind.  Then there is the abundance of irritating supporting players.  None of them are given anything particularly memorable to do and they only add to the jumbled feeling of the film.


Still, there’s reason enough here to check it out.  The main reason is Daniel Craig.  You can see why the Bond producers hired him because he’s pretty badass in this flick.  He’s a little bit more vulnerable here than he was as Bond, but that’s just part of his character.  And you've got Sienna Miller looking all kinds of hot.  I only wish she showed off more than the side of her boob though.


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