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Bruce Lee:  His Last Days is different from a lot of Bruceploitation flicks because it exploits Bruce’s private life.  While most Bruceploitation flicks revolved around his death, this one gets involved in his supposed extramarital tryst with actress Betty Ting (who plays herself).  This isn’t the worst idea in the world but the problem is that most of the movie follows Betty and not Bruce.  It should’ve been called Bruce Lee:  What His Mistress Was Up to During His Last Days. 


Bruce Lee dies when his girlfriend Betty Ting gives him too much Spanish Fly and exhausts him with sex.  Then everywhere she goes, she gets attacked by roving gangs of thugs looking to avenge Bruce’s death.  After a kind bartender saves her life, Betty tells him about her love affair with Bruce.  Betty met Bruce when he saved her from getting raped and eventually they became a couple.  Unfortunately, his ego and her excessive gambling drove them apart.  Betty and Bruce reconcile things when he rescues her from a gang of loan sharks and promises her a role in his upcoming movie.  Tragically (yeah, right) Bruce dies before Betty can realize her dream as a Hollywood starlet.


I’m sure this is EXACTLY how it happened, right?


While Bruce Lee:  His Last Days is watchable to a point, it has way too much soap opera melodrama and not enough fight scenes.  Look, the reason why we watch a Bruceploitation movie is to see the fake Bruce Lee fight.  Sadly, the majority of the fight scenes in this movie are nothing more than rehearsals for his “films” and not actual fights.  Bummer.


AKA:  Bruce Lee and I.  AKA:  Bruce Lee:  His Last Days, His Last Nights.  AKA:  I Love You Bruce Lee.  AKA:  Superstar.

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