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Chris Rock’s dad dies and everyone who comes to the funeral is an asshole.  His brother (Martin Lawrence) is obnoxious, his cousin (Zoe Saldana) is a bitch, his friend (Tracy Morgan) is an idiot, and just about every white person is either on drugs (James Marsden) or a jerk (Luke Wilson).  Then a gay midget (Peter Dinklage) shows up trying to extort money from Rock, which leads to more “hilarity”.


Earlier this year, it seemed like every time I went to the movies I saw the preview for Death at a Funeral.  The first time I saw it, I laughed a few times, enough for me to want to see the film.  Then after about the 16th time I saw the trailer, I became pretty annoyed by it.  Still, I thought it would be kinda funny.  As it turns out, Death at a Funeral is one of those cases where all of the funny stuff is in the preview, which is more or less a condensed version of the movie.  So if you really want to laugh, just watch the 3 minute trailer and save yourself 89 extra minutes.


The only funny parts that aren’t in the trailer belong to Danny Glover.  One time he shits on Tracy Morgan’s hand and face.  Then he quotes his famous “I’m getting too old for this shit” line from Lethal Weapon.  Other than that, it’s pretty much a waste of a talented cast.  I do have to say I did enjoy seeing genre vet Bob (Delinquent School Girls) Minor playing the role of the corpse though.  It’s good to see he got a paycheck out of this shit.

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