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POLICE STORY 2 (1988) ***

After the events of Police Story 1, Jackie Chan gets demoted to traffic cop.  The bad guys still like to fuck with him though and eventually his boss puts him back on the job.  When the thugs kidnap Jackie’s girlfriend, he’s got to go out and kick their ass.


Jackie Chan has a good track record when it comes to sequels.  Most of the time, they live up to the originals (like Project A 2) and sometimes they even surpass them (like Drunken Master 2).  Police Story 2 falls into the former category.  It’s not quite as good as Part 1 but it sure is a lot of fun.  The biggest stumbling block is the woefully inane comic relief garbage centering around Chan’s whining girlfriend.  If Jackie had cut all of her bitching out of the flick, the movie would’ve been a good twenty minutes shorter. 


The action in a word; is incredible.  There’s a fight in a schoolyard that’s just plain amazing, and the finale in a fireworks factory is explosive to say the least.  I think my favorite scene though was when the bad guy started chucking barrels at Jackie, Donkey Kong style.  That shit was nuts.


And if you thought the first Police Story had tons of scenes where somebody gets thrown through plate glass windows, Part 2 probably has even more.  The best part comes when Jackie throws a dude crotch first down an inclined pane of glass.  If that guy wasn’t circumcised already, he sure as shit was afterwards.


Incredibly enough, the next entry in the series; Supercop is even better.


AKA:  Police Force 2. 

Tags: action, jackie chan, kung fu, p, sequel
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